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We are up to 261 practitioners recommended by patients!

This is a running list of MTHFR doctors that I had been keeping privately. Practitioners were directly referenced by individuals, but there may be varying degrees of concentration on nutrigenomics.  Also, not everyone listed is a doctor (MD), some are nutritionists or chiropractors  or acupuncturists or NDs (but then the title wouldn’t have been pithy).   There are some that do remote consultation as well.

**We are not making claims about the doctors…this list is “hearsay”, but please look at the comments for feedback.**

Enter an address or zip code and click the find locations button. (the map is prepopulated for the center of the U.S., but you can search for other parts of the U.S. and other countries)

Enter an address or zip code and click the find locations button.

102 comments to MTHFR Doctors

  • I would like to be added to this list. I have a large population of MTHFR patients and am working on publishing s study on the clinical connections and protocol outcomes. Feel free to connect with me to learn more.

  • Carolyn Goldman

    I recommend Licensed Acupuncturist Laurie Mecham,L.Ac. M.S.O.M.

    Laurie Mecham is a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine), certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and licensed in Missouri. She has been practicing Traditional Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine since 2001.

    The Barn at Lucerne, 930 Kehrs Mill Road Suite 205, Ballwin Missouri 63011

    phone 314-288-9525

    She recommended I get the MTHFR test , I was positive 677TT. Her acupuncture treatments are very powerful.
    I believe this course of treatment is helping me.

    • Jennifer

      Hi Carolyn,

      I am currently working with an acupuncturist to help with symptoms associated with MTHFR. Do you mind sharing what sort of treatments you and your acupuncturist have done?

      Thank you!

  • I’d also like to be added. I have done some radio shows w/ Dr. Armine and Shawn Bean. I have a large population of adults and ASD children as patients who have had SNP testing.
    Paige Adams, FNP-BC, MAPS Fellow
    The Center for Proactive Medicine
    Nashville, TN
    615 331-1973


  • I called Dr Gregory Layton’s office in Mesa, AZ and he sees patients if they are pregnant or trying to get pregnant and they have the MTHFR gene mutation. He is an OBGYN/GYN.

  • PJ

    Hi, just letting you know so you can update your list Peter Tunbridge in Australia is located in Adelaide, South Australia and not in Victoria. His website address is: http://www.petertunbridge.com/
    Thanks for putting this together especially for Australians where it is hard to find a doctor/practitioner that knows anything about MTHFR!

  • liz

    not one Dr in the Boston Ma interesting please let me know if one becomes avalible

  • […] have at it and let me know how these practitioners and tests worked out. There are so many practitioners in […]

  • mthfrease


    Have you tried Dr. Cagua-Koo MD in Dorchester?

  • Dakota Karrasch

    I would like to add the doctor I work for to this list. She and I both have MTHFR and are near Austin Texas. Attending another conference this month to learn more! How can I add her? She is a Family Practice doctor but went back to get Functional Medicine Anti Aging certification w /A4M . Currently feels the injections are best treatment . Practice also has IV nutrient injections and HBOT!

  • Melody Hopkins

    Dr. Deborah Viglione in Gulf Breeze, FL tested me for MTHFR and other genetic tests. She is an internal medicine doctor who has found she can help her patients better by genetic testing. Here is her website: http://www.viglionemd.com/

  • Melody Hopkins

    Melody again. Here’s a doctor in Jacksonville, FL someone highly recommended in a MTHFR FB group. Dr. Aylin Ozdemir is a pediatrician and treats people up to the age of 21.

    Here’s her website: http://www.doctorojax.com/

  • mthfrease

    Melody that doctor is already in my list, but keep em coming, thanks!

  • Laura Gray

    The link for Dr Chitra Bhakta is out of date. Here is the new one:


  • Catherine

    Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen of Balcones Woods Family Medicine in Austin started working with my sister’s MTHFR in 2008 and mine in 2009. http://bwfamilymedicine.com/ I highly recommend her.

  • William Epperly, MD
    Advanced Integrative Healthcare
    245 S Gary Ave – Suite 207
    Bloomingdale, IL 60108
    (630) 893-9661


    Highly recommended by myself and family for MTHFR, thyroid, allergies/sensitivities, and bioidentical hormones but he specializes in much more too, see website. O.

  • mthfrease

    Thank you, added!

  • Gary

    Dr. Randy Naidoo, M.D.

    3600 Shire Blvd, Suite 110Richardson , TX, 75082 USA469-333-1KID

    Is Shine Pediatrics, kids only. Receptionist knew nothing about MTHFR. I am skeptical if they should be on the list.

    I am looking for MTHFR knowledgeable Doctor in Dallas, Texas

  • mthfrease

    Kendall Stewart is also on the list for Dallas.

  • A patient told me about this list, so I came to check it out. Thanks for an awesome site!

    I will do worldwide telephone consultations, and am licensed and practicing in both PA and VA.


    As of Nov 2013, the VA office address has moved to:
    8303 Arlington Blvd
    Ste 110,
    Fairfax, VA 22031

    My special areas of interest are MTHFR and other genes, as well as thyroid problems.

  • mthfrease

    Thanks, we’ve updated your info

  • Debbie

    Be sure to check out the Doctors before you let them care for you. There is at least one on this list with some questionable history.

  • Larisa

    Catherine, did you have good success with Dr. Hausman-Cohen? I just got diagnosed and was looking for an available physician in the Austin area. Thanks.

  • Caledonia

    To clarify, are these docs versed in just MTHFR or the whole methylation cycle? MTHFR-only docs don’t know what they don’t know and just tend to hand out prescriptions for Deplin – a good way to make patients worse. My preference would be if you listed methylation cycle docs and not MTHFR docs, and made this clear in the description.

  • mthfrease

    These are doctors that individuals said helped them with MTHFR. How far these practictioners went into the entire Methyltation process or how “good” they were at it is unknown.

    We can add a * to say they are methylation docs, but since there is no independent measure of what a methylation doc is or is not, it would again be opinion, one would again have to query the doctor to find out at your own level of detail.

    We could note the opinions however for each doc if people provide it to us.

  • Nancy Shelton

    Nancy Mullan – Not a nice person, and not a great doctor, either. She takes out her anger on her patients (the word “abusive” comes to mind). And her medical knowledge isn’t good, either. If she’s not interested in or able to work with complex medical issues, then why is she doing this type of work? I have yet to speak to one person who’s had a good experience with her.

  • Kristin

    Dr. Daniel Kalb in Franklin, TN isn’t seeing new patients.

  • beth

    Anyone in Oklahoma? I live In Moore, not too close to Texas.. please reply

  • mthfrease


    Contact Dr. Matlock Jeffries at (405) 271-5963, and see if they can refer you. Please let us know what you find!

  • Matlock Jeffries


    I’m Dr. Jeffries (mentioned above). I don’t have experience specifically in MTHFR; however, my research lab focuses extensively on DNA methylation as it relates to rheumatic and autoimmune disease. From what I gather, the only combination of mutations that have been previously shown to be associated with significant changes in global DNA methylation (which can have serious consequences) are the combination of 1298AA/677TT. I don’t know of anyone in the OKC area specifically who sees MTHFR patients, at least not within the Saints or OU Med Ctr. system, although I would certainly recommend talking to our fantastic Genetics folks over in at OU Pediatrics (who also see adult patients occasionally), (https://www.oumedicine.com/pediatrics/department-sections/genetics). If anyone will know of MDs in the area who specialize, they will.

    Hope this helps, good luck!
    Matlock Jeffries MD

    • mthfrease

      Thank you Dr. Jeffries!

    • beth

      Thank you, I contacted your office this morning and was recommended to genetics dept at ou childrens hospital. Feels kind of weird going to a pediatrician but maybe I’ll get answers. I was just told by my obgyn I have c677t. I can tell she doesn’t know much about MTHFR because she was shocked to hear the methylated folate she gave me made me feel like I had the flu. Its Methyl CpG. It contains methyltetrahdrofolic acid 2000mg & b12 1000mg. Anyone with any advice let me know.

      • mthfrease

        I wouldn’t recommend anyone begin with more than 200mcg. By the time you start reading blogs like this, things have been progressing for some time and gentleness is better. If you can tolerate a little bit than you can take a little more until as long as you feel comfortable. Remember that the RDA is up to 800mcg.

        That doesn’t mean some people may not need more, it’s just not a good place to start. Plus your other SNPs could impact how easy it is to handle large amounts of methyl donors.

  • First off, thanks for doing such a great job spreading the word about this important topic to the public and fellow physicians. As background, I have been treating children and adults with acquired and predisposed genetics for 7 years now. Our Michigan wellness center has developed a reputation for helping adults and children with all sorts of metabolic problems related to SNPs abnormalities. We are one of the US clinics who have forged a relationship with FitGenes from Australia and are contributing to their ”Autism Initiative” a government funded research project correlating SNPs with urine and blood chemistry abnormalities. Having now been treating these conditions for several years I can say that many people are tired of self-navigating the complexities of these problems on their own, despite excellent websites like yours, especially when complicated by downstream SNP abnormalities. So we are available to help in Michigan if you’d like to list us!

    Feel free to review our wellness center website (nbwellness.com) and my bio (http://nbwellness.com/staff/tony-l-boggess-do-medical-director/

    If you’d like to chat with me directly, you can contact me at my office 734-929-2696


    Dr. Boggess

  • mthfrease

    There’s a B Complex on the rotating banner on the left of this page. If it’s not immediately visible you may have to click the arrow on the bottom to go to the next page. I take this one daily.

  • Tiffany

    Hi there! this is a great site and I hope I can find some help! I was just diagnosed with MTHFR after OBGYN took a genetic test b/c I am trying to conceive. I have compount heterzygous MTHFR. She told me to take lots of extra folic acid, thats it. I miscarried shortly after. I have tried to speak to them about l-methylfolate, methylcobalamin and Pryridoxal 5 phosphate instead of the SYNTHETIC folic acid but they do not know much about it, therefore, cant advise me on how much to take and so on. I can not find a doctor in the MILWAUKEE area that I can talk to about this. I need help!! Anyone out there know anyone in the Milwaukee area that can help me? Please let me know!

    • Paula

      If you want to carry a baby with MTHFR, you need to be put on Lovenox injections before you conceive and stay on them until after the baby is born. This disorder will cause blood clots to the placenta and therefore suffocate and/or starve the baby. Find a good Hematologist to work with your OB-GYN if you really want to have a baby.

  • mthfrease

    Sage Campione is in Elm Grove.

  • Please help: I need to find either a medical doctor or a psychiatrist, who specializes in testing/treating for MHTFR in or near San Antonio Texas for myself and my children. I am on disability for several reasons and am on Humana Gold Advantage, my children are on blue cross/blue shield. My 18 yr old son (diagnosed at age 6 with ADD/ADHC/Bi-Polar Disorder) was recently tested by our family doctor for MTHFR and was found positive. He was recently put on high blood pressure meds, and his gallbladder in basically non functioning. Test was requested because my sister, who is also bipolar, as well as HER son, was tested by her psychiatrist, who found the gene mutation. He advised he to inform other family members to be tested because it’s hereditary. Sis didn’t explain it very well, she claimed it made only made one more prone to strokes. A concern because our baby brother passed about a year ago at the age of 46 from a massive stroke. So I have been doing a little research on my own, and I am terrified at what I have learned. It has made me want to be tested myself because I recognize so many issues I have had for many years (I am 50 yrs old now) including depression (that never seems to improve), fibromyalgia, Adult ADD/ADHD, anxiety, high blood pressure, miscarriage, headaches, and on and on. I started thinking about our other family members such as our dad passed in 1999 after blood clots found in his legs, led to a massive stroke while undergoing treatment for the clots. Sis also had a son born with spina bifida, an open neural tube defect, and a daughter, in her 20’s who recently was found to have a heart defect that she was born with and was just repaired. It was discovered after she began to experience mini strokes. Our oldest brother was diagnosed in his 20’s as paranoid schizophrenic. My oldest son now in his early 30’s was diagnosed in his 20’s as ADD/Bipolar disorder. Now, in early 30’s, has been having severe problems with high blood pressure, they are still trying to control after trying 5 different meds , plus he experiences extreme anxiety, panic attacks,

  • Rob

    I would like to add Dr. Jess Armine of Drjessarmine.com He has helped me and my family with MTHFR, Mitochondrial and DNA issues/ He works with people in office, or remote consulting via SKYPE and Phone. We have MTHFR, Mito issues, Leaky gut, Histamine, and a few other problems, some are getting better now, so thanks. My dad has COMT CBS MTHFR and histamine too which he is working on.

  • Meg

    I am Robs wife who wrote in below and I cannot stress how different the treatment is for us two! I have Chemical problems and major SNP and MTHFR and Mito dysfunction problems after taking an antibiotic that was WAY too strong. I cannot take anything synthetic, and anything I take that is a supplement, I have to use childrens doses, its important for some to start with baby steps so we do not have shoch or severe detox reaction :) Organic fresh foods, handmade, gluten free etc, w herbs and childrens supplements have helped me the most so far, or 1/4 dose of adults.

  • Bill Clar

    Your search capability appears to be not working. I’ve tried searching for zip code “32773” on both Firefox and Chrome, within 500 miles, and no results come up.

  • Not having any luck getting the map to work today.

  • Bill Clar

    Works great. Thanks!

  • Kevin Wilson, PA-C

    Please include Smart Wellness Now to your list! We are a wellness practice with a focus on prevention through improved sleep, diet, exercise. MTHFR is a defect you won’t find unless you look for it!

    Smart Wellness Now
    1015 E. 15th Street
    Plano, Texas 75074

    Thanks! Kevin Wilson, PA-C

  • Plz add my doctor to your MTHFR doctors list. She helped my friend a lot.
    Evelyne LLorente, MD
    11180 warner ave, ste 257
    Fountain Valley, CA 92708
    tel. 714-885-8980

  • Ruth Betancourt

    Dr Tim Jackson is no longer in huntersville NC he only does video consultations

  • Mark

    Vastly improved health – that is what I gained from Kevin Wilson, PA, of Plano, TX

    His very intelligent approach starts with listening followed by blood tests, diagnosis, consistent monitoring and continuous improvement.

    Results include near elimination of pain, improved attitude, weight loss, sinus and allergy relief, and most of all, improved clarity of thought.

    After years of debilitating pain, my improvement was rapid and dramatic.

    I cannot recommend Kevin highly enough.


    • Jennifer

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your recommendation. I am looking for a doctor in the DFW area to help with MTHFR related issues. Would you be willing to share more about your experience with Kevin Wilson?

      Thank you!

      • Jennifer and Mark,

        I am in the DFW area as well and desperately seeking local MTHFR resources. Please let me know if you have any insights!

        Thank you,

  • Jaime

    Anyone familiar with doctors who can help in the Northern Virginia area?

  • oscar

    Hello everyone.Does anybody know a doctor in New York City who can really understands MTHFR/c677t? Thanks

  • Hi everyone, trying to find an MD with functional medicine background to treat complexities of our 7-year-old sons’ health issues; infant stroke from blood clot, found to be homozygous for A1298C. He has significant neuro history with seizure disorder from stoke, neurosurgeries and resulting delays in development. We were told when he was a year old that the A1298C was of no concern as his homocysteine levels were low (I now know differently). He has constant fatigue however, and recently I pulled his hemotology paperwork from 6 years ago, started looking into what it actually means to have this mutation and after days of research, phone calls etc. here I am. Dr. William Epperly in Illinois sounds like a great fit–also they bill to insurance which is huge, we are on a tight budget with child having special needs and can’t afford the fee-for-service arrangement– although his practice is out of state for us and hours away. Hoping to find someone local to us in Detroit metro area, if not we will consult with Dr. Epperly most likely. Have tried using the search function for map of MTHFR docs but nothing comes up with a zip code entered or address. Thank you very much for any advice or assistance.

  • mthfrease

    Have you tried Dr. Tony L. Boggess
    36.3 miles 1310 South Main St Ann Arbor, MI, 48104 U.S. 734-929-2696

    Let us know if you find out anything?

  • Hi thank you, we did look into seeing Dr. Boggess, have heard good things about the practice, but unfortunately they don’t bill insurance and we can’t afford the out-of-pocket, direct fees. Local health system has a functional medicine department, they too are fee for service although they take Medicaid and Medicare but not private insurance which seemed odd. Thank you re. the map, there is someone in Toledo on your list we will check with them. Dr. Epperly still a possibility, we do a lot of traveling for medical treatment and would have helped a lot to find someone close. Seems if we can’t find practical access to a good MTHFR doc our fallbacks are peds hematology and/or genetics, with us doing the legwork ahead of time on what tests to ask for, what supplements and treatment to use based on those results. But this is what I find we do most of the time regarding our son’s medical care anyway :-) Thanks so much for this site and forum, I have learned a lot reading here & will let you know how we come out, take care~Sheryl

  • I am working with patients that have MTHFR mutations in the Salt Lake City area and would like to be added to this list.

  • mthfrease

    I’ve added you, thanks!

  • Jill

    Hi! Im hetero A1298C and my husband is hetero C677T. 3 yrs infertile and after IVF, suffered a chemical pregnancy. Im now on metanx, baby asprin, raw prenatal and will add lovenox next time around. Im very concerned about autism if child gets each strand. Are their any specialists who focus on this aspect that I can speak with? Im in S. CA or can do a phone consult. Should my husband take metanx & baby asprin leading up to our next IVF round next month? Thank you so much!

  • Jill

    I was just diagnosed with A1289C mutation of MTHFR gene. I have severe depression and anxiety and am on many antidepressant meds. I live in the Philadelphia, PA area and am on Medicare. Does anyone know of a doctor knowledgeable in MTHFR in my area who might take Medicare?

    Thanks very much for any advice.

  • My practice, FoundationMED, in Raleigh, NC (27612) does see MTHFR patients, and this practice is growing. I would like to be listed on your site as a source of medical care in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. Thanks!

  • Meredith

    Hi I’m in central nj & willing to travel if there is a good dr that can help who accepts medicare & bcbs as secondary. I’m desperate! I have multiple problems with both DNA mthfr mutations. Was just diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia. Single mom of a 6 yo & really need help!!

  • mthfrease

    Jill/Meredith, the doctor’s list doesn’t have information on insurance, but if you are successful in finding someone, maybe you could drop us a comment

  • Looking for Dr’s knowledgeable of MTHFR and or Mast Cell Disease’s on the area of Washington NJ 07782 area. Can incl Easton/Allentown Pa area as well.

  • Hi. I would like to be added to this page. MTHFR is about 90% of my clinical practice and is continually growing. I practice out of Adelaide in South Australia and have been surprised at the amount of patients that come through who have not been satisfied with MTHFR knowledge of their current health care provider. It’s an area i specialize in, and would be very thankful for inclusion on this site.
    65 Edwards Street, Norwood, 5067, SA.
    Ph- 0408 683 063

  • Please add me to your list. I have been building a fairly large group of patients with methylation concerns here in Raleigh, NC and am learning more day by day. Thank you!

  • Rebecca

    The Cleveland Clinic now has a Department of Integrated Medicine with several functional physicians (Internists with extra training/credentials). I see Dr Melissa Young in their Center for Wellness on Richmond Rd in Lyndhurst, Ohio. My Medical Mutual insurance covered my visits as any other insurance would cover my visits to any doctor in the Cleveland Clinic health system. They treat with supplements and offer massage, acupuncture and reiki among other modes of treatment.

  • Sharon

    Dr. Laura Bradford is not only aware of MTHFR but has a personal history with it. I really lucked out getting her! She practices at 8th Avenue Obstetrics and Gynecology in Fort Worth, TX. Please add her so that others in my area are able to utilize her wealth of knowledge and personal experiences. Thanks.

  • Danielle

    Hi All, I’m in need of a Dr. in the NYC area (Manhattan preferably) who is MTHFR aware. If you know anyone, please post! Thanks.

  • Diane Getz Kittrell

    My mental person tested me said i was positive for it but never told me on what gene or how just that i can’t turn folic acid into lmethfolate. So looking for a Dr near Joplin,Mo to help me. Please email me at jasper1211@rocketmail.com

  • Pam Kulin

    I am looking for a knowledgeable thyroid and methylation doctor in Denver, Colorado.
    Can anyone recommend ?

  • For those in Tennessee, you have a new option. Sanctuary Medical Care and Consulting, Dr. Eric Potter. http://www.sanctuarymedicalcare.com. Consults available to those traveling to Nashville or Kingsport, TN from out of state.

  • Dr Allen Craig Tullahoma Tennessee has an understanding of this disorder.

  • any personal references from anyone seeing a MTHFR experienced MD in Houston???

  • Rita

    Any good OB recommendations for Colorado. I am pregnant with homozygous A1298C and my OB was like, “take lots of folic acid!” :(

  • I wanted to recommend a doctor I saw, Dr. Victoria Snelling in Louisville, KY. I saw her at her satellite clinic in Memphis, TN early this year. She was caring and knowledgeable, and was patient with my long health history. She recommended that I sent off the 23 and me test before our appointment since it takes several weeks to get the results. At my first appointment we went over my past lab results and got started with some dietary stuff- I hadn’t been eating too healthy. I’m doing better with the supplements she recommended and a few dietary changes. She sells supplements, and also tells you where you can get them if you want to buy them elsewhere. She explained the MTHFR part of my test and also detox and a few other snps that I have. It’s so good to be feeling better, to have my brain working for a change and to have more energy. I’ve recommended that my daughter see Dr. Snelling because of infertility issues.

    Dr. Snelling’s office number is 502-426-2033 and that’s the number for appointments in Memphis, TN and Louisville, KY.

    • mthfrease

      Thanks, we’ve added her!

    • mthfrease

      I’m not sure, I would love to see a copy of your report if you’re inclined, to see if it has any clues there. But Wojcicki says “The health information available to Canadians focuses on individual genetic markers with well-established associations that have clinical validity and that could be incorporated into the management of an individual’s health.”

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